Creating a multilingual Single Page Application with Vue

Having a multilingual website provides a competitive advantage to businesses and organizations, while allowing them to expand their client base to international markets and potentially increase sales volumes.

This tutorial will show the basics on how to create a single page application with internationalization support, using Vue and the Vue-I18n internationalization plugin. We will also show you how you could optimize the structure of your HTML templates, based on the structure of your language files, and the use of "variables" inside your localized language strings.

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Build a simple Instagram API – Case Study

Revision : July 25, 2016

Instagram has become one of the preferred and most used applications for users and organizations to instantly share media content with the world. Many Instagram users also want to take a step forward and share their Instagram content into their websites, web applications or blogs. In some other cases, Digital Agencies may also need to feature Instagram content from authors other than themselves.

In this case-study, we are going to learn how to build our own API (Application Programming Interface) to get embedded data from Instagram pages, and return it to a requesting (web) application in JSON format. Also, we will discuss the motivations and advantages of creating this self-hosted API versus Instagram's own API.

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